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Intercore Core Drilling

Concrete core drilling is the process of removing a cylinder of concrete from the rest of the structure.

Our range of machinery is constantly being updated, and this policy ensures the right specialist equipment machine can be on site without delay.

Intercore Wall Sawing

The fastest and most precise method for cutting openings in concrete structures such as walls, floors and on inclined surfaces. The system consists of a track mounted cutting head and diamond blade, which is powered by a hydraulic or electric motor.

Intercore Controlled Demolition
Intercore Floor Sawing

Floor sawing is the most commonly used diamond cutting method. It is typically used to cut horizontal flat surfaces such as floors, bridge decks, and pavement.

All demolition works undertaken by a qualified and experienced demolition contractor are completed in a controlled environment. This ensures the safety of the demolition team, other contractors and stakeholders, and the surrounding general public.

Our philosophy incorporates investment in cutting edge equipment with the very best of international industry practice.  These policies have secured our reputation for reliability, speed and service excellence.  Now the first choice for engineers, architects and project managers throughout Ireland, our breadth of experience across a full range of projects of all sizes has brought the company to the forefront of the cutting industry.

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